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Stacey Greenwald

Stacey Greenwald

Stacey Greenwald

A lot of people might not understand what a chef is doing in our digital kitchen, but we’re really glad that Stacey’s skills are part of our award-winning recipe.  She is one of our digital project managers, and she says the attention to detail, prep and budgeting required to be a culinary queen easily transfer to building websites and other digital projects.

In her “previous life,” Stacey was the Banquet Chef at the W Atlanta Midtown Hotel and the Sous Chef at the W Atlanta Perimeter and Atlanta Perimeter Hotel & Suites.  She supervised cooks and stewarding staff, developed new restaurant concepts and menus, sourced ingredients to control food costs and managed payroll for all staff who touched the restaurant and banquet business.

Stacey originally went to Georgia Southern to become a math teacher, but after transferring into Restaurant/Hospitality she liked the creative and multi-tasking aspects of that work.  She returned home to attend the Art Institute of Atlanta and graduated with her B.S. in Culinary Arts Management and an award for outstanding contributions to the department.

She landed her first professional job as sous chef at The Warren City Club, where she introduced a Sunday Brunch voted “best in the city” for two years running. Next up, she worked with culinary wunderkind Richard Blais, a winner of Bravo’s Top Chef All-Stars.  As his production assistant, she organized and participated in live demos and television commercials featuring Richard and his work.

After six non-stop years in the kitchen and job-related hand surgery, Stacey began reflecting on how to channel her skills into a new career. She volunteered at Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue where she picked up digital marketing expertise managing their online marketing and fundraising activities. There she also met members of our digital team who recruited her to JS.

Stacey hails from Duluth, GA where she still lives with her rescued pitbulls, Wilson & Turner.  And, yes, she still moonlights as a personal chef, when the mood strikes. Among her claims to fame? Winning the Future Business Leader of America award for Georgia when she was just 17.